Things That Make Your Hotel Guests Write an Amazing Review Online

Online reviews are gradually becoming more important than ever. When researching hotels online, potential customers proactively want to know about the experiences of previous guests of a hotel before booking; if they were satisfied with the service offered or otherwise.

Star ratings and reviews on your hotel site play an essential role in getting potential customers to book. The more amazing reviews available on your site, the more trustworthy your hotel appears.

With close to 62% of travelers putting depending more on online reviews and almost half of them unwilling to book until they had read the reviews, there is, therefore, a need for you to know those few things that could encourage your guests to write amazing reviews on your listings. Here are a few things you should concentrate on in order to get the reviews coming in:

#1: The Starting Point Is Giving Epic Service

The most important aspect to focus on for amazing reviews from your guests is to give your guests something to rave about. Put in all efforts to wow your guests amazing and consistently memorable customer service and definitely, you will see the reviews pouring in. you wouldn’t imagine how great it could be seeing the great service offered in your hotel come from a guest’s mouth. So, make sure you are putting customer satisfaction above all things.

#2: Website Widget

Even if your customers want to leave an amazing review on your site, it has to be easy enough to fit into the spare time they are giving into it. A rigorous process for making reviews could be a complete turn off for satisfied customers. A spare time is not easy to come by, so make it easy for them to leave reviews on your site by using an online widget that makes the process super convenient.

#3: Catch Them While they are Still In-House

No doubt, you are more likely going to get a feedback from your guests while they are still within the hotel. Therefore, what you need to do is to make it easy for them to get online in their rooms. Place a noticeable placard close to the desk lamp in their room. Make a printed message on it encouraging them to leave a review for the hotel. It could be as simple as “We will like to know how your stay with us is going so far” or “Are you enjoying our service at all? Leave us a review and let us know!” Make this process super convenient for them – if there is a solid internet access and request feedback, you are much more likely to get an amazing review from them on spot.

#4: Be in Touch Right Away

Be sure to be in touch the very moment your guests have checked out by sending them a ‘thank you’ email. In the message, don’t forget to include a request for a positive feedback on your site. You can make this much easier by including in the message, a link to your site where they can make reviews. This is better done as soon as they checked out in order to still be in touch with the fresh memory of the hotel in their minds.

#5: Let them know How Their Feedback Could Help

Of course, your guests are reasonable people and if they have enjoyed your service, it wouldn’t be a problem approaching them frankly to ask them to leave a positive review on your site. However, this should be done casually and without ‘selling’ it. let them know that you are not just asking for their positive review, but future guests will surely be reading the reviews as well; this will not only help the hotel but could be a guide to prospective guests. Then, you are sure to get an amazing review.

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