It is without a doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on hotels. Instead of focusing on the damage done to the hospitality industry, it is best that hoteliers focus more on operating their businesses during and even after the pandemic. This is because to stay afloat, a lot of changes are expected from the hotels. Here is what guests expect from hotels during and after the pandemic.

Cleaning And Sanitization

Cleaning and sanitization has become and will remain a crucial part of running a hotel during and after Covid-19. Guests expect hotels to keep all areas clean and well sanitized. This may include the use of UV cleaning lights and medical-grade cleaning products that are approved for use in hotels. Guests expect hotels to comply with the set hygiene regulations and this means that hoteliers must review the cleaning and sanitization procedures and processes of their properties.

Hotel Furnishings

Hoteliers need to rethink some significant parts of their hotels, for example, furniture, fabrics, and amenities in their guest rooms. To prevent spread of infections between guests, some items may no longer be appropriate, for instance, light switches, remote controls, minibars, and more. Hotels must invest in alternatives that are far more appropriate and that guarantee a hygienic environment for their guests and staff.

Digitized Processes

Guests will expect hoteliers to invest in technology to prevent infection through various ways. This means that during and after COVID-19, a higher level of digitization will be expected in most hotel processes. In the past, many tasks were performed by humans, but there is need to avoid or minimize human contact. For example, hotels can ensure that their staff are not physical involved during the check-in and checkout processes. Digital services can be used by guests to check in and even check out, for example, use of mobile room keys.

Enhanced Space For Social Distancing

During and even after the pandemic, social distancing will still be a crucial method of defense against the virus, at least until a prevention method or vaccine is developed. Therefore, guests will only book with hotels that guarantee social distancing in different areas of their operations. Hotels must analyze the workflow of their staff and the movement of both staff and guests around the hotel. This will help them to optimize their space to ensure that everyone is able to do what they need to do while adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

The Covid-19 pandemic will surely transform the hotel and hospitality industry. Since most disruptions affect the consumer side of hotel businesses, guests will have lots of expectations from their favorite hotels. This is why hoteliers must transform their operations to adjust to the new way that guests interact with hotels. This will help to instill trust in your property even before guests travel and may increase bookings and boost revenue.

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