A hotel website redesign inspires both excitement and dread at the same time. When done, you will be confident of having a fresh, shiny, and new site. A successful redesign requires lots of work, effort, and collaboration to ensure that your new hotel website delivers the results and experience that prompted the redesign process in the first place. To achieve all this, a site audit is crucial before the redesign. Here are the reasons why.


Take The Guesswork Out of The Redesign

With a website audit, hotel owners can help their businesses by preventing an unsuccessful relaunch. The goal of a site audit is to take the guesswork out of the redesign process and ensure that your investment and hotel business is protected. The website redesign experts will have detailed information about your website and will know the areas that need redesigning.


Goal Analysis

Most hotel owners opt for redesigns for upgraded, better, and faster sites. However, a successful redesign process can only happen when clear objectives have been set for the redesign. These include better SEO, increased traffic, new branding, and more E-commerce potential. Whatever the reason for your redesign is, it is crucial that you set SMART goals before the redesign and this is only possible if you have already conducted a site audit. This is because you will know the current weaknesses and strengths of your hotel website and will be able to easily improve, correct, or fix these problems during your redesign process.


Safeguard Your Website

No hotel owners want their websites to experience a drop in traffic or revenue after the redesign process. With a site audit, you can redesign your website with confidence. This is because you can be sure that your site will be safeguarded against any revenue loss or devastating traffic losses. This is because the website designers will be working from a point of knowledge and not guesswork.

Avoid Unplanned Costs

With an SEO audit, you will know the areas that need to be fixed or improved. This is important because you can easily budget for the costs of your redesign with your website design experts. As a result, you can avoid costly and unplanned development fixes after your relaunch.


Traffic Studies

Before carrying out a redesign, you need to know and understand the current website traffic. This way, you can easily determine whether there is any drop or increase post-launch. It is best that you have a traffic analysis that goes back at least several months as it will help you understand what you should expect or look for in the months following your new launch. Additionally, it will help you to track the ROI of the redesign project.


A well-executed site audit is an invaluable source of information for hotel owners. This is the first step that you will need to take before considering a site redesign. This is because you will have a checklist of what needs to be improved or fixed and you can define your priorities to help you build a successful hotel site that converts and increases your revenue.

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