Three Things Guests Would Search On A Hotel Website Before Booking Online

There are so many hotels available on the internet for guests to book, but not all of them are good for booking. You may have wondered why some hotel websites are doing pretty much better than other hotels no matter the competition. Some hotels tend to have more visitors than others and more guests willing to book them.

This may not necessarily be that those hotels are easily affordable or they have been in existence for quite some ages. Some newer hotels have been doing better than the older ones.

Today I will be showing you some secrets behind the success of these hotels and how to achieve them. There are things you need to not take for granted when setting up a website for your hotel. You might get visitors on your website, but if these things are not adequately taken care of on your website, you might be losing your guests or visitors to other hostels that understand the importance of these three things.

Here are three things guests would search on your hotel website before they decide to book your hotel and how to present these details:

1. Room pictures along with pricing and amenities

Pictures speak a thousand words at a time because where words end, pictures begin. The first thing that captures your visitor’s interest is the pictures on your website and those amenities available. A guest visiting your website should be excited with what they are feeding their eyes with.

If there are no pictures to convince them to book your hotel. Large, Stunning Photos of the property and surrounding, how the rooms look, what are the amenities, etc. are definitely what potential guests will look out for before booking your hotel

The quality of the pictures matters a lot and that is why you must need a professional photographer to take care of the pictures. Place your pictures on the first page of your website and ensure that amenities you’re your room are listed.

Mention the special features that differentiate your hotel rooms and amenities you offer from the competition customers and watch how the guest will love to book your hotel.
2. Special packages/discounts for longer stay

The little packages and promo you offer on your hotel website have a pretty long way to go in keeping satisfying your guests. Guests also look out for the packages you have for them when they visit your website and how well you can offer a discount for them.

Offering special packages and discounts, you can improve your chances to give those potential guests a positive impression to continue considering your hotel
3. How far is the place from the airport, metro/bus stop/supermarkets

Guest also consider the distance of the place from the airport, metro/bus stop, supermarket, etc. before deciding whether to book your hotel or not. Every guest visiting your hotel website for booking wants to be comfortable with what they are paying for.

The distance from the airport and other important places is enough to discourage your guest or visitor from booking your hotel even if the two other things were taken care of. Your hotel should be located in proximity to points of interest.

Have you got these 3 things on your hotel website? Why not share your website in comments and we will love to analyse with insights.

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