Tips to Help You Write Hotel Website Copy That Resonates Perfectly with Your Guests

For many people, 15 seconds is very little time. However, according to research, this is the time business owners have before 55% of your website visitors click away from your site. With the enormous amount of other hotel options available, you need to provide your visitors with hotel copy that resonates positively with them. There are countless reasons why your hotel website can experience a high bounce rate. However, it can be disastrous, especially if the success of your business highly depends on visitors clicking through your webpages.

If your hotel landing page does not satisfy the content expectations of your visitors, they will bounce away to other websites that suit their needs. A terrible website design is one of the major things that cause a high bounce rate. Visitors are put off by hideous flashy banners, intrusive pop-up ads, and annoying auto-play audio or video, poorly chosen images, colors, and font sizes. Having terrible website copy for your hotel will also result in high bounce rates from your visitors.

Keep your copy simple

You should always write content for your target guests or audience. You should be guided by their wants and needs when they visit your hotel site. You must ensure that your tome is human, friendly, and warm, but professional at all times. Just like most things, achieving simplicity with your web copy is not easy. However, it will be worth the effort in the long run. So learn to keep your copy simple.

You can keep your website copy simple by doing the following. You should avoid using clichéd similes and metaphors and never use long words when there are short words that have a similar meaning. Always use active instead of passive language, and avoid using scientific words or jargon, and foreign phrases if there are simple English equivalents that you can use when targeting consumers.

Precise and sweet

When writing your web content, you should get to your point quickly and stick to the point. You should always write short, concise, and focused sentences that strive to engage readers and provide them with the information they need to know. Shorter words, sentences, and paragraphs are much easier to read and comprehend. It is important that your language is inclusive and accessible. This will ensure that you appeal to many people. Your hotel copy should showcase your experience, belief, and knowledge in your business. However, you should never be arrogant or complacent.

Having precise web copy does not mean that your content should be confusing, demeaning and boring. Your content should also be free of any grammatical errors or spelling issues because it will appear unprofessional. You can use bullet points to make the content easier to understand and not tiresome to read. Additionally, you should avoid the use of swear words or slag and make sure that all the content on your website is genuine, fair, and accurate.

Use the right approach

When talking about your hotel services and products, you should use “our”, “we”, or “us” and while speaking to your audience, you should use “you”. Make sure that you avoid any formality and stuffiness when it comes to your content. You want to be sure that your copy conveys important marketing messages’ subtleness and addresses all likely questions that your audience may have. It is important for you to make it easier for your clients to buy from you and compel them to get in touch with you to learn more. Ensure that you use headlines to attract readers to your copy and make use of subheadings to aid understanding and engage your readers. For better rankings with the search engines, you must ensure that your hotel copy is optimized.

Having the right copy is important in making your hotel business appear like the unique business that it actually is. Great content will differentiate your business from the rest in the field. Make sure that your website copy highlights the unique services or products that your hotel offers. With the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can generate homepage copy that will engage prospective guests and boost your conversion rates.

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