Top 6 Content Ideas for Your Hotel Blog

Creating an engaging blog is crucial to the success of your hotel. However, writing blog posts is not just as simple as typing and then publishing unedited thoughts on your site. You will need a more comprehensive plan if you want to attract relevant visitors and keep the search engine bots satisfied. Whether you are looking for new formats to help shake up your hotel blog or you need inspiration for your next blog post, here are a few tips that will help to increase traffic to your website and boost user engagement.

Local events and attractions

Local content is an important ingredient that guarantees successful content marketing. Travelers are continuously looking for rich and engaging ideas and tips regarding your destination. You can use your hotel blog to talk about the local attractions in your area and how guests can enjoy them. Most holidaymakers would also love to attend local events, so you can write about upcoming events, what they involve, schedule ideas around the widely-held events, and how individuals can enjoy them.

Use eye-catching photos and videos

Today, videos and photos are the most engaging content on the internet. However, whatever information is in your visual content is also important. No guest will give you attention when all your video contains is you standing in front of the hotel and giving a long, boring speech. Instead, show your audience around the property, location, city, your haunted attic, or rooftop bar. You should capture anything that provides relevance to your guests and add appropriate captions.

The review

With the advancing technology, not a day can go by without seeing new restaurants, travel apps, or other attractions being launched. If you have newly launched attractions closer to your hotel and they are aimed at travelers, there is a great chance that your guests will enjoy a review of it. A review will give them the information that they need before they actually use an app or physically see a specific attraction site.

A personal story

A hotel blog does not just offer you an opportunity to write down your personal journal. However, you can use the blog for storytelling, particularly if you have an interesting tale to share with your target audience and guests. You can take a clue from travel pieces that are aimed at reaching a wider audience and engage with your target web visitors.

Travel guides

Your hotel guests will be looking for detailed information about their travel destination. If your hotel is situated in a crowded area such as a big city, then there is likely that there are lots of other travel guides available. You can make your travel guide stand out from the rest by making it as original and extensive as possible. Travelers love authenticity and being an expert in your region or city, you can come up with great local tips that can prove helpful to your guests.

Behind the scenes

You can show your guests what happens behind the scenes. You can interview your hotel staff to show people the human side of the business. You can achieve this by showing how the hotel operates or providing a preview of a redesign or new features. Showcase how your kitchen works and who is in charge. You can also interview your receptionist, or even chat with your gardener to learn about the novel gardening trends. The idea here is to show your guests who you really are.

Whatever blog post topic you choose, always remember that the overall objective of your hotel blog is to share exclusive, insider information with your target audience. You should give them enough reason to return and even develop a long-standing relationship with your business. There are different ideas and topics that can boost your website traffic and improve engagement. Try out the above-mentioned ideas and consistently use the ones that provide excellent results for your hotel business.

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