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Invited by Nimesh Dinubhai President of Websrefresh, AAHOA Ambassador & Hotel Owner wil Mel Brooks, image, crisis & reputation specilalist. 

Will discuss on:

  1. How to fix your sluggish bookings because of COVID19?  
  2. Why is next door booking and you are not?  
  3.  What is the most important change you need to do to increase booking?  
  4. What is the one thing you need to say to restore bookings? 
  5. What should be the first thing guest see when they visit your website?  
  6. Who should you cater to in COVID19? Old or new guests first?  
  7. Where does your next guest live?  
  8. Did COVID19 change your guest’s demographics?  
  9. You never thought this hotel space can make you money?  
  10. Need to reimagine your hotel bookings?

Mel Brooks, public perception specialist will review your hotel websites live during our webinar to offer insight on why people will book or not, prices, and incentives for the visitors.

Time – 60 minutes

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