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Website Audit that could boost visits and bookings – for free!

In my last few articles, I have stressed the importance of Hotels to branch out and create a custom website that offers guests a brighter picture of your property and what it offers. But what happens if after your site is up, you are still not able to see the grand results you were expecting? All is not lost! For those of you that were smart enough to hire a company and have a professional site designed, congrats! Your half way there. That’s right, that’s what I said, half way there. Having the site is just the first step, the most important part is utilizing all the features and advances in technology that your site should be implemented with to attract guests to your site. A site is only as good as its features, dropdowns, and the information that it is delivering to your customers. If you are underutilizing your site, then maybe performing an audit is the next step for you. A website audit by a specialized web design company, like Websrefresh, will help you to see whether you are utilizing all the feature rich options a professional hospitality website should have. It will not only let you know what is working, but most importantly, what is not working and what may need to be fixed or updated. You do not want a site with features that you are paying for and is dead weight.

So what is an audit, where do you get one from, and what will it really tell me? That’s an obvious question and I’ll do my best to easily summarize that here to help you make a better decision on whether a site audit is a good decision for you. The first step is to google web design companies and find a company that is confident enough with their services that they are able to offer you a FREE website audit. Websrefresh does that and has had years of successful experience helping clients take their existing or refreshed website to the next level. Next comes the understanding that an audit is not and should not be a high expense gimmick to have someone tell you everything that is going wrong. What an audit should provide is information to help you use your site to the greatest advantage so that you are maximizing the number of visits and giving guests the proper tools to book in the most efficient way possible. A well-planned website should do that for you already.

Here is a list of items that an effective audit should evaluate:

  • Evaluate whether the navigation tools are effortless for guests
  • Ensure that the onsite booking process is fast and efficient
  • Confirm that your website is simple yet designed with a modern and contemporary feel
  • Evaluate dead weight content or pages that distract guests from what they really need
  • Determine that the social media links are effectively placed and used

There is so much more that could be found in an audit depending on how your site was designed. Take the time to at least look into an audit, it’s free and could mean the difference between guests booking or flying on to the next hotel website. If you are reading this and wondering why your site is not attracting guests, then pick up the phone, open the yellow pages, or google on the internet for a web design company to do your site audit now. Better yet, call Nimesh Dinubhai, President and CEO of Websrefresh (602-647-9777) or me, Priya Patel (Content writer for Websrefresh / 432-599-1778) and we will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary audit within 24 hours. You have nothing to lose and it is important as an owner, to be informed. Good luck!)

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