A hotel blog can be an effective and powerful marketing tool for hotel properties. However, most hotels do not make use of their blog. Instead of writing blog content, most hoteliers rely on hosting influencers and paid promotions. There are many types of blog posts that guests want to see on your blog and this can transform them into loyal guests. Here are a few things that guests want to see on your hotel’s blog.

Local Attractions and Activities

Guests want details about the local activities and attraction sites close to your hotel. Therefore, hoteliers need to post articles highlighting the popular area attractions and activities. You can even help guests to picture their future trip by including video content or images of these attraction sites or activities. Blog posts that have highly comprehensive and informative content about local attraction sites will generate more traffic and will translate to more direct bookings. Be sure to complement your footage with descriptive text that addresses apprehensions and answers any questions that travelers may have.

Travel Guides

Your guests are searching for information on their travel destination. If your hotel property is situated in a crowded area such as a big city, there are many travel guides out there. However, you can make your travel guide stand out by ensuring that it is as original and extensive as possible. As an expert on your region or city, you can come up with travel guides that have lots of local trips or one that has funny tips.

Travelers are looking for authentic content, and your guide should include other local businesses, such as favorite restaurants. You can also mention your competitors as it will make you look transparent and your blogs will offer value to your website visitors. Some of the travel guides you can write include: Visiting Las Vegas on a budget or top 100 travel tips for Paris.

Interviews With Local Businesses

Guests want to know more about local businesses. Therefore, hotel blogs should include interviews with owners of local attractions, restaurants, and other service providers that your guests will find interesting. You can partner with local businesses to create content that will benefit your hotel and their businesses. You will get content for your hotel blog, while the other business will get exposure. Your guests will get more information about local businesses in the area and this will help them when planning for their travel.

General Travel Tips

Your guests may not be frequent travelers but travel trips are always welcome. You can have your staffs share packing tips or ways that travelers can stay healthy while they are on the road. This will stimulate friendship with your readers because they will feel that you also travel a lot just like they do. Be sure to open up the blog comments section so that readers can also share their travel tips.

Specialized Recipes and Food Posts

Food is one thing that brings your travel experiences home. Food can also build anticipation and expectation for upcoming leisure and business trips. You can promote local foods and beverages by sharing behind-the-scenes access to your hotel’s bars and restaurants. You can also build a blog post around one of the special creations of your chef. Food posts and recipes will make your guests feel as though their stay with your hotel is more permanent.

Hoteliers need to consistently create blog content that piques the interest of their guests and website visitors. Ensure that your blog posts are relevant by researching your niche and what your target audience wants to read about. You should also showcase your expertise in the industry by providing valuable information to your readers. When you connect with your readers on your blog posts, you will build loyal website visitors and hotel guests.

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