Facebook is a great marketing tool that has billions of daily users and about 47% of them access this platform through their smartphones. This means that almost everyone is on Facebook and hoteliers need to use this platform to increase their booking numbers and bottom line. Hotels need to go where their clients are and what better social media platform than Facebook. Here are a few things that hotels can post on their Facebook page.
Share Events Taking Place in Your City
You live in your local areas and you know it best. Therefore, you should make it easy for potential guests to know what they can do when they arrive at your hotel. This can be quite informative, especially for people who are visiting the destination for the first time or those who are looking for something exciting to do. Here is an example of a hotel sharing their blogpost about the things people can do in Hershey.

Share News about Your Staff

It is great for guests to know your employees before they check in the hotel. Your Hotel Faebook page is a perfect place to share whatever is going on in the team, for instance, some who got a promotion or a new team member. An example is Lookout Point Lakeside Inn using their page to congratulate Tricia after she was promoted to be the manager from being the Lead Innkeeper.

Share Blogposts

As an hotelier, you may have to get into details with a specific subject by writing a blog post. However, writing a blog post is not the end because you want people to read your content. One of the best places to share your blogposts is Facebook. Check out an example from the Inn at Westwynd Farm sharing their blogpost regarding a customer review.

Post awards That Your Hotel Gets

The best hotels always get awarded from time to time. Facebook gives hotels the best platform where they can share their awards with the world. This will show anyone that visits your page the accomplishments that your hotel has made. The award should be placed front and center just like your profile photo so that it can be visible to everyone. For example, Welsh Hills Inn – Granville, OH was ranked number 3 in the top 25 B&Bs and Inns in the United States.

Showcase the Beauty of Nature

There is so much beauty in the world that you can capture and showcase to your Facebook followers and prospective guests. You can take pictures of the sunrise, sunset, the lawn, flowers, the water, and the beautiful destination that your hotel is situated in. check out this view of the Inn at Pleasant Lake.

As a hotel owner today, it is impossible not to build a strong presence of your hotel on social media platforms, especially, Facebook. This is a great platform for not only getting new guests, but also building trust and loyalty with the existing guests. With billions of active Facebook users, hoteliers have lots of opportunity to translate these users into potential clients. Be sure to create a Facebook fan page that is adapted to your specific hotel to boost your bookings and hotel revenue.

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