What happens when your hotel brand doesn\’t take SEO seriously?

Whether you run a small country hotel or your hotel have gained so much awareness that it is listed among the multi-national hotel brand, one certain thing is that SEO is necessary for you to keep attracting new guests. Nowadays, nothing can be compared to getting your hotel website ranked on the search engines.

Even if you have been getting new businesses from established booking engines like Booking.com, Trip Advisor, or Agoda, you still can’t compare their leads with the number of new customer inquiries you could get from having your hotel website listed on the 1st page of Google. Now think of it, if however, your hotel is not taking SEO seriously, and it’s buried on page 20, it will not only mean a lot to your website but also to your entire business as a whole.

Below are the few things you should expect when your hotel ignores the power of SEO

#1: Less Online Visibility

Hotel websites are being discovered daily through the SERPs and such hotel sites being discovered gains more exposure and visibility on the web, and hence contributes to the hotel’s brand awareness among its guests. Therefore, if your hotel pays less attention to SEO, it may bury your website deep in the belly of the Search engine and thus lead to less visibility for the site.

#2: More Cost of Paid Traffic

When your hotel website decided to be less serious with SEO, then you should be ready to pay more for other forms of online marketing including PPC advertising, email marketing, as well as social media marketing in other to generate leads to your website. Investing in SEO will help you save a whole lot of money and at the same time help you generate a huge traffic to your website. This is a better way than spending on placing ads with many PPC companies.

#3: Quickly Overwhelmed By Competitors

One of the reasons your hotel should take SEO seriously is because your competitors are doing it. You are surrounded by competitors and you have to invest in different means to get ahead in the competition game. If your competitors are diving headlong into SEO and you are not. It’s not going to be long before your hotel brand falls flat before them.

#4: Less Booking Translating to Less Money

Effective SEO will directly improve the number of visitors your hotel website receives daily because it will help your site rank high up on the search engine and thus increases of getting more booking in your hotel. However, when SEO is poorly implemented on your site, it results in less traffic, fewer bookings, and of course, less revenue generation for the website.

#5: You Lose Out on Market Share

Now that about 80-90% of guests now check online reviews before they book a hotel, it won’t be long before virtually all customers would be searching the internet before lodging to any hotel. I’m sure you won’t want to be missing out of this market share. Therefore, it’s important to take SEO more seriously to help people find you easily rather than your competitors.

#6: Trend setting become difficult

When the website of a hotel receives large volumes of traffic, the hotelier can analyze and evaluate how people use the website. This simply helps him have insight into new trends and hence make some developments to quickly catch on to such trends.

SEO for your hotel website is not just an icing on the cake but the main ingredient, therefore, you can’t just afford not to be serious about it.

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