What makes your social media cover pictures impactful?

Are you looking to make cover pictures impactful?

This day’s people do the mistake of not caring much about their cover picture which is a very powerful tool if used the right way.

From small companies to large enterprises, businesses are enjoying the benefits of social media. Those of us in the marketing field have found out that peer impressions have much more impact now than they did in previous years.

People turn to social media, to ask “friends” for recommendations when seeking a product or service. In some aspects, having an attractive cover picture is just as important as having a user friendly website. The challenge is creating cover that grabs the user’s attention and immediately prompts them to “Like” your page.

1.Brand your page Cover with Your Website

Your cover picture is part of your brand. Therefore, it should be immediately recognizable to your customers. Many small scale businesses are buying website/social media packages from skilled developers who design both the website and the cover at the same time.

Remember, there are other businesses that either offer the similar products/services and/or have a name related to yours. You want to make sure customers and prospective customers can clearly spot your company by your cover picture.
2.Use Colour and Photos

Make a cover that reaches out to your audience. Creative use of colour and photos can help grab attention and engage the user. When using colours, be sure they match your company’s colours to preserve branding. And, choose photos of people happily engaging in your product or service.
3.Integrate Your Profile Picture

This is a technique few people take benefit of. Your “profile” picture overlaps with your cover, so why not creatively incorporate the two?

Even if you choose not to integrate your cover and profile photos, be sure to still take into consideration the placement of the profile picture. In other words, when designing your cover picture, do not place pertinent information and/or pictures that will be covered up by the static profile picture. Also, try to ensure both the cover and profile photos do not clash, but rather complement and balance one another.
4.Include a Call to Action

While calls to action (CTAs) were frowned upon in the past, you are now able to integrate them into your cover photo. This will definitely help drive leads to your company.
5.Make It Easy For People to Like or Contact You

One of the most effective, attentions grabbing tactics you can use in your cover is a catchy graphic which makes it easy for people to “Like” or contact you. The easier it is for them to connect with you, the greater they are likely to do it. Amazingly, this is one attribute that is lacking in many covers, yet it is very easy to incorporate.

If you are uncomfortable with creating one yourself, there are many qualified professionals and registered developers who specialize in creating affordable covers for small businesses. It is well worth anytime and investment you are willing to put in to ensure your cover grabs attention.

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