What Should A Good Hotel Website Maintenance Plan Include Per Month?

There is no doubt that your website is a paramount aspect of your business. However, just having a website is not enough at all in today’s highly competitive world. Business owners should understand that continued maintenance is vital to keep the website updated, error free, and performing it at optimal level. It is equally important as website designing.

Designing a website that work smoothly is beneficial, however, website is not just about updating contents and uploading images, they need regular maintenance to keep them free from broken links, page bugs, wrongly spelled text, and more. Just like your electronic tools and gadgets, websites need regular maintenance.

Here’s What Your Website Maintenance Plan Must Have:-

Website Optimization Services

Website optimization is one of the best processes that help to improve website’s visibility in SERPs. This is a great method to boost site’s traffic, increase pageviews, and get quality leads. It will also help you to gain higher profits. But all you have to do is to hire a professional who specializes to make strategies that really work.

Security & Software Maintenance

If we talk about security and software, it should be updated regularly to get higher search engine ranking, great performance and make fully secured. If your plan has security and software maintenance service, then you can get a sign of relief from fixing bugs or any other issues. Also, you can improve your business productivity.

Website Performance

Regular website maintenance is crucial for better site performance, comprising web page loading time and functionality. There is nothing more irritating for web visitors than pages that are slow to load or not working. Your website should be accessible for your audience 24/7. This is important to build trust and reliability in customers’ mind.

Content Updates

If you want to increase user engagement, then you should update your content regularly. Study shows that most of the visitors prefer to visit the website which has updated and latest information. So, if you have included information about events and latest news, then you should make sure that it should be latest. Before signing up for any plan, you should ensure whether it includes regular content updates or not.

Daily/Weekly Backups

Your website maintenance plan should include daily or weekly backups otherwise you may lose your data. So, if you are planning to hire a company to manage your site, then it is essential to check whether they are offering such service or not.

Website Health Checks

Website health checks are essential to know the overall performance of the site. The health checks include a lot of things like mobile responsiveness, website speed, page authority, server reliability, broken links, Backlinks, etc. Hence, it will be good, if this service will include in the plan.

Monthly Web Traffic Report

Last but not least, your service provider should share with you monthly report of web traffic. It will help you to keep a track of your website performance. This report will include total number of visitors, new vs. returning visitors, number of pageviews, bounce rate, etc.

So, if you are looking for a leading company that offers excellent web maintenance service, then approaching Websrefresh will be the wise decision. Our team of professionals specializes in maintaining the site in a professional way. We will assist you to fix the problems quickly that may affect the overall performance of the site. Just give us a phone call to maintain your hotel website in an efficient manner.

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Aman Dhillon

We are very pleased with the service provided by Websrefresh team. The entire team was very professional and guided us through the process of creating a user-friendly website. Their word scribe is excellent and knowledgeable about our customer base and helped us create a message to suit the needs of our potential customers. It was great to work with a team that had first-hand knowledge about the hotel business. Our website was completed within the given time frame and the entire team worked diligently to modify the content to best suit the organic search engine optimization

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