The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to see increased cases of lockdowns and hotels need to find ways on how to deal with the situation. Hoteliers are strategizing on how they will survive during the crisis often taking new measures as the drama unfolds. Although some countries haven’t imposed complete lockdown, if it happens to the entire world, things would take a different path. While governments are bringing in measures to help support the most hit businesses like the hotels, hoteliers need to prepare adequately if the worst happens – complete global lockdown. So, you as a hotelier, what should you do if there is a global lockdown?


Train Sales Teams

In the event that there is a total global lockdown, hoteliers may want to see how they will keep the hotels operating. With no guests checking from the foreign countries, those few that may be in the hotels need support. You will, of course, need these guests in the future and it’s not the right time to take a hard-lined stance by pushing them to pay for their stays. The sales teams in hotels should be trained so that they conduct outreach based on assistance and compassion as opposed to just making sales. The teams can use online technology to train and work from home.


Identify Local Opportunities

Hotels should consider the local tourists as their main market and try to reach out to them. Although many hotels are struggling with cash flows, it makes sense if they can consider repackaging their accommodation rates for the local tourists. This is to ensure that at least they get some business and continue operating.  Local visitors can help hotels to keep thriving during the difficult times as governments continue to fight the pandemic.


Take Advantage Government’s Stimulus Programs

Financial constraints are among the big challenges hotels may face in the event of a complete lockdown.  Since many governments are responding to the crisis by offering financial support to businesses that are worst hit, hotels need to consider taking credit facilities to enable their hotels to operate.  This way, it would keep them in business as they wait for the situation to improve. The worst thing would be to shut down the hotel because it demands huge financial input to begin operations again.


That being, if the strategies put forward by the hoteliers don’t work and the situation continues to worsen, there may be no other option but shut down their hotels. Of course, reducing the workforce would help in order to scale down the operational costs.

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