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Brand Positioning services:

Do your potential customers know about your brand? Are you their desirable choice? Do you get the repeat bookings from your past customers? If not, you should think about brand positioning services for your hotel brand.

Your brand should be powerful enough to influence your customers’ choice i.e. win and keep customers. Brand positioning is not just about building recognition for your brand but about building strong emotional relationships with your new and existing customers. By implementing the right brand positioning strategy for your brand, we create a unique position for your brand in the mind of your target customers in such a way that they prefer you over your competitors’ brand when it’s time for them to buy.

Why should you hire Websrefresh for
your brand positioning services?

We have been in the business of building hotel brands digitally over the past 15 years. Being the top expert web service provider for the hotel industry, we will help your brand grow to be recognizable, profitable and competitive.

How do we do it?

What is your hotel brand about? What category do you deal in? Who are your target customers? What they think about your hotel? What they think about other players, i.e. your competitors? What is important for them when they go and stay in a hotel? What are their pain points, past experiences and how will you solve those? How will you acquire them? We will answer all these important questions and start working on the right brand positioning for your hotel brand.

  • Research your brand and its current position in the market
  • Research and analyse the current hospitality market
  • Research your competitor’s business
  • Explore new product development opportunities for you
  • Help you with brand profiling and positioning
  • Develop brand communication strategy for you to develop strong brand connect with your target customers.

Being experts as among the best digital marketing companies in Arizona, we leverage online marketing channels to spread the word about your business and reach out to your potential guests. We do this by –

  • Telling your brand story to connect your target segment with your brand emotionally.
  • Use email marketing to send tips and newsletters to build a connection with your people.
  • Use blogs to promote your brand in a seamless manner
  • Promote and reinforce your brand via social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Maintain your presence on peer review websites and engage with your audience
  • Host Facebook groups and encourage real users to ask questions and share info
  • create content that shares a heart-felt story about your business and brand

Your brand can become the most valuable intellectual property asset for your hotel business and add to the overall commercial value of your business.
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I have a great business name and logo. Is it not enough for branding?
Having a visual identity, a great business name and well- designed logo that conveys about your business is an advantage. But there is more to your brand than just a name. It’s about what message you are communicating to the world out there as in what to expect of your brand, what are your unique selling proposition, how does your brand engage with its target markets. If you are a luxury hotel then your brand needs to send that message consistently in everything you do and vice versa if you are in for masses.
How to know the emotional benefit my hotel brand can deliver to my customers?
To know the emotional benefits that you can choose to deliver you need to know your brand’s strengths and what problem it is solving. Ex you can choose between A relaxed environment, a warm space, worry free, exciting or an entertaining environment that you want to give to your guests and rightly position the same.
What is brand storytelling and how does this help me in my hotel business?
Brand storytelling is sending emotional messages to your target customers who will connect and recall your brand when faced with a similar situation. You can use different media to tell your brand story.

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Are you ready to take your hotel brand website to the top? FIll the form and we will get back to you with FREE website and SEO analysis and a proposal.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process that involves multiple skills (content marketing, digital marketing, web analysis, marketing strategy etc) and steps that enables your website to show up in the search results whenever a prospective client looks for you.

Example, first thing one does in order to decide the hotel stay is to look up for it in the search engine. He would type in the what he is looking for, may be location or a specific service. Example, “luxury resort in Phoenix”. Google will search for luxury resorts in Phoenix area and show these up. Hotels showing up on the first page of Google search receive 92% of total search traffic.

So, all you need is your website to show in top search engine results so that your potential customers can see you. At Websrefresh, we help your hotel website get strong online presence and domain authority so that your hotel brand shows up in organic search results.


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