Web designing Services

Web designing Services:

Hospitality business is all about people. We are Websrefresh, the only niche hotel web designing, and web services company and we specialize in designing hotel websites that people love.

You know as per Stanford report, 50% of people judge the website by just looking at their design. So, what if the site is not visually appealing? You might lose the 50% of your potential customers. Given the nature of business, it becomes crucial for hospitality sites to have compelling designs.
Simple or snazzy, warm or bright, traditional or new age, we design and deliver unique websites designs based on your ethos and brand and your audience needs. After all, you need a website that converts your audience into clients.

What we bring to the table?

  • Simple, user friendly design. Heavy designs are a no-no.
  • Easily navigable design architecture to encourage customer interaction.
  • Transform your user experience with our innovative web design services.
  • Design using HTML, CSS, UI, UX and design thinking to make your website stand out.
  • Design services to keep up with latest consumer behaviour and trends in hospitality industry.
  • Suggest the right platform for your website depending on the target market and traffic.
  • Provide seamless experience for your users.

When should you revamp your site?

  • Time for your website to look more gorgeous as per the latest industry standards.
  • Your website is not bringing you enough sales or conversions.
  • You need to scale up to your growing audience.

The standard process:

We follow the following transparent and standard operation of procedure (SOP) for your website.

  • As a leading hospitality web design company, our first step is to understand your business vision and Its requirements.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of your customer and competition, backing it up with our consumer research and trends in hospitality industry.
  • After this our team of graphic design experts, developers and marketing strategists visualise and plan your business website.
  • Share our first draft of graphical design layout of your website for your feedback.
  • Once your feedback and approval, the project goes to the execution team and the actual designing and development starts.
  • Website goes for your (client) approval after completion.
  • Once approved, it goes through multiple testing for functionalities and for browser compatibility.

Why should you hire Websrefresh for web designing?

When you hire our web designing services, you get –

  • Customized Website Design:
    Fully customized website for your hotel business through a collaborative design process.
  • Cutting Edge:
    Website created with the latest technology (HTML5, CSS3, etc) that stays viable for years to come.
  • Customer – Centric:
    Your beautiful, easily navigable and user-friendly website that people love. Your potential customers will hook to and existing clients will keep coming back.
  • Easy Integration of booking engines:
    Website integrated the popular booking engines, such as SynXis, iHotelier, and OPERA into your site which are crucially required for your hotel business to thrive.
  • Social Sharing Features:
    Your website integrated with social sharing in the right places to make it easy for your guests to share and that it doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the website.
  • Award winning pictures and graphics:
    The photographs and the videos embedded in your site will be done by award winning photographers and designers.
  • Search Engine Friendly content:
    A website with SEO tools built within the CMS so that they do extremely well when it comes to visibility in search engines and hence more organic traffic.

Take advantage of our innovative website design ideas to garner the interest and attention your business deserves. Contact us now for more details!


How long does it take to design a website?
Minimum 1 week to even 2 months or more, it totally depends the scale of the project involved for how long it would take.
How much do you charge for a website design?
This is subject to the work and the kind of website that you need. Please call our agents or mail us
What technology do you support?
Websrefresh has team of expert well versed in DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, XML, PHP etc to create classy websites that go with your business goals.
What is better - custom design our website or use a ready design template?
If you have limited budget and time, then use of ready template is fine. Main drawback of templates is that they may not contain all the features that you are looking for. Many ask you to download plugins for them to be functional, but the plugins may not work sometimes causing websites to be dysfunctional. Also, most of the time it is not possible to modify these. Thirdly, your website may lack the uniqueness as the template you use may have been used a thousand times before.
If you can spend money and time, then custom design is a worthwhile investment. Websrefresh has custom designed and delivered hundreds of unique hotel websites for past 15 years. But, if you have a small budget and want to use a template design we can do that for you as well.
We would like to go ahead with our hotel web design. How to start?
Sure. You can call and speak with one of our agents to discuss or mail us. We will discuss your hotel vision and business goals. Accordingly, our team of marketing and designers will suggest a few ideas to you. Once you approve and make 50% advance payment, we set to work on the designing part.

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Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process that involves multiple skills (content marketing, digital marketing, web analysis, marketing strategy etc) and steps that enables your website to show up in the search results whenever a prospective client looks for you.

Example, first thing one does in order to decide the hotel stay is to look up for it in the search engine. He would type in the what he is looking for, may be location or a specific service. Example, “luxury resort in Phoenix”. Google will search for luxury resorts in Phoenix area and show these up. Hotels showing up on the first page of Google search receive 92% of total search traffic.

So, all you need is your website to show in top search engine results so that your potential customers can see you. At Websrefresh, we help your hotel website get strong online presence and domain authority so that your hotel brand shows up in organic search results.


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