Why Most Hotels Quit Their Social Media Marketing Campaigns And What They Should Be Doing

Social media marketing is a very simple, effective and advantageous marketing technique.

Nevertheless, you often find various hotels quitting their social media campaigns well after they launch them. To avoid the same failure, it is therefore important to figure out what they may be doing wrong and what they should be doing instead.

Impatience and extreme expectations

The simplistic nature of social media marketing gives people a false sense of security. Most hotels are on the assumption that clients start flowing in as soon as the campaign is launched.

As such, there is great impatience and unrealistic expectations about the value and effectiveness of a social media campaign. When the expectations are not met, individuals are forced to close the campaign out of disappointment.


Instead of looking at social media marketing as a simplistic and quick solution for the hotel’s marketing needs, it should be looked at with as much seriousness as any other marketing strategy.

Using inexperienced professionals

Having a high social media following does not make one a social media marketing professional. Most hotels just pick individuals and designate the social media marketing campaign to them, without checking to see whether they are qualified for the same.

Without trained professionals, some of the difficulties likely to be encountered include using the wrong social media platform, failure in using social media trends appropriately, limited utilization of available social media marketing tools and such.


Make sure that the professionals assigned to handle the campaign have sufficient knowledge and experience with social media marketing.

That way, they can figure out what is best for the campaign and how best to exploit the social media space to the hotel’s advantage.

Limited/Insufficient resource allocation

While most other campaigns work with a sufficient budget, social media marketing campaigns are not given as many resources as needed. In fact, you will find most hotels reducing the social media campaign funding to allocate those resources elsewhere.

Eventually, however, the campaign withers and dies down with poor performance and success rates.


Even though social media marketing is valued for its limited expenditure, the hotel should still come up with a sufficient budget for the campaigns.

The campaigns should all be given as much thought, seniority, and analysis as any other marketing campaign to guarantee their success.


While these are not the only issues that lead to failure in hotel social media marketing campaigns, they point out to a clear pattern of underestimating its value and as such limiting the amount of work that’s needed to see profitable results.

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