Why Your Hotel Should Invest In SEO Marketing

Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your hotel means generating traffic to your hotel’s website without having to pay each individual for providing leads to your website.

According to recent statistics in the United States, over 80% of hotel bookings were carried out online after a visit to the hotel’s website.

Thus a well-optimized hotel website is guaranteed to get the first bite of the cake; and such website has been proven over time to be the top lead initiator, booking path, and top revenue generator for hotels in the United States and globally.

With millions of searches carried out on the internet every day, investing in SEO is the only means of getting a steady stream of traffic and revenue to your hotel.

Below are top reasons why Your Hotel Should Invest In SEO Marketing:

#1: 3.5 Millions Of Searches Every day

The internet has become a part of every individual with over 3.5 million search queries daily and thousands of hotel bookings carried out on the internet. You just need to get your hotel optimized for SEO to grab more of the market share on the internet.

#2: It is Cost Effective with high Return on Investment

Most SEO strategies don’t require a big budget and you are guaranteed of quality return on investment (ROI). Therefore, if you are looking for a continuous stream of viable results for your hotel, you should consider investing in SEO. You may be surprised at what result you will get from it.

#3: Ever Increasing Competitors

It is no doubt; you are probably surrounded by lots of hotels who are also having their websites on the internet.

And mind you, some of your competitors are also doing SEO, so to gain more web presence, more visibility online and win the big internet market share ahead of your competitors is another reason why your hotel should invest in SEO.

#4: SEO stays longer

When you invest time and money in getting your hotel website listed organically, it doesn’t dry up instantly when your money goes. Once your site is properly designed and optimized well, your site stays up there on the search for a longer time compared to pay per click options.

#5: SEO beats paid traffic

Perhaps you are already using Google Adwords or other pay per click (PPC) and getting a few success feedbacks. Even at that, it beats imagination how SEO which drives 75% of search traffic is only given 15% of an average SEM budget, while 80 % of the budget goes to PPC that only drives 25%.

You can save your hotel a lot of money by investing more in SEO and harvest a huge traffic to your hotel website rather than spending on placing ads with various PPC companies.

#6: SEO Works

In times without number, SEO has been proven to be a top strategy used by most successful brands in the United States. This enhances your visibility, generates more credibility to your hotel and leaves a positive image for potential customers.

Your competitors are doing it; you can outsmart them by doing it better. SEO Marketing is not ‘a key’ but ‘the key’!!

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Jayson Patel

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