For hoteliers and marketers, their main goal is to get prospective guests go from the hotel website to the booking engine and make reservations at the property. No hotelier wants guests to just browse whatever is on offer and the abandon the bookings. Here are 8 essentials that your hotel website will need to send daily calls or bookings.

A noticeable ‘book now’ button

A bold and noticeable call to action is what will tempt people to click through and even spend their money. Therefore, your ‘book now’ button should be clickable, colorful, and bold enough for people to press it and make reservations.

Stunning Imagery

People utilize images to visualize where they may travel. Therefore, hoteliers should choose a few beautiful images that tell the story of your hotel. Your entire website should be populated with great photos that will increase engagement and enhance the likelihood of people completing their reservations.

An Easy and Quick Booking Process

A long, unprofessional-looking, and complicated booking process will leave your guests frustrated and they will abandon their reservations. Therefore, your booking software should facilitate reservations in a few stages and should look easy and simple to use.

Visual Calendars

Your website should have visual calendars to make it easy for your customers to book a room. You do not want your guests to accidentally make reservations on wrong nights for their stay and then end up changing them at a cost.

Multiple Payment Options

You do not want people to stop booking a room because your payment options are limited. Your website should have a variety of payment methods to allow guests to send their cash using a variety of providers, for instance, failsafe and Paypal. Most people use these options when credit cards are not accepted in some areas.

Different Language Settings

If you are selling to the global market whether your hotel is situated in a tiny village or a big city, your booking engine should be in several other currencies and languages. This way, guests from other countries will not miss out on booking your hotel, just because they do not speak your language.

Online Support and Contact Numbers

Your guests may need help after making reservations and you must ensure they can reach your customer care representatives.  For good customer service, there must be someone on the other end responding to the social media posts, answering emails or answering the phone.

Social Proof

Your website should have guest reviews and testimonials as it will give prospective clients the assurance that your hotel is the best. Most people will be ready to book when they read reviews or testimonials from people who have had an actual experience at your hotel.

A well designed hotel websites will make reservations easier for every guest and will make your property more accessible regardless of the distance between them. There are many features that can make reservation easier and simple on your website. However, with the above-mentioned essentials, you can expect more bookings from your website.

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